Footloose Was Just A Movie, You Dolts

A bride is suing Washington, D.C. for their ridiculous, unconstitutional ban on dancing at weddings.

Margaret Appleby, whose wedding is scheduled for June 6, filed a lawsuit on Monday claiming that the city’s ban violates her First Amendment rights. The city allows dancing in exercise classes such as Zumba and at strip clubs.

So a bride cannot dance with her father, but Titsy McGee can shake her pink parts in front of drunken males? By all means, let’s give this disgusting city statehood.

The lawsuit claims that the ban, announced by Mayor Muriel Bowser on May 3, is “arbitrary” since “it permits other forms of non–expressive dancing, gathering, and congregating, while banning wedding dancing without accounting for whether people are vaccinated.”

Normally, I would say Appleby’s suit is a slam dunk, but considering the state of the judiciary in this country, I fear Appleby will lose bigly. You know, because America died in November, 2020.