From The Drink To The Clink

Meet David M. Kilmer of Fishkill, New York.

David drinks too much, as a result of actually living in New York. Sometimes David drinks when he drives; other times he drinks during rehabilitation.

On Feb. 1, 2018, David M. Kilmer was stopped by members of the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office in the Town of Fishkill. Kilmer was ordered to attend the Victim Impact Panel due to an alcohol related driving offense conviction on Jan. 18, 2018 in the Town of Fishkill.

The Victim Impact Panel, said the DCSO, is a court ordered program operated by Council on Addiction Prevention and Education of Dutchess County.

Attendees are ordered to appear after being convicted of alcohol or drug driving offenses. Kilmer was refused entry due to his alleged intoxication.

Kilmer claimed he did not operate a vehicle before his attendance and was advised not to operate a vehicle and call for a ride home. Kilmer was observed leaving the parking lot a few minutes later in his Chevrolet pick-up. He was stopped on Millholland Drive and was arrested for DWI.

So David is arrested for DUI, gets entered into the DUI rehab program, and is arrested after driving drunk to the program. Congratulations, Dave; you are officially the dumbest person in New York.