Gotta Support The Team

In the world of sports, ice hockey players are generally the most down-to-earth, good people you’ll find. Hollywood, generally, is the polar opposite, but there are some great people out there. People like Seinfeld’s Patrick Warburton.

Patrick Warburton, the actor who played Elaine Benes’ sometimes boyfriend in two seasons of the sitcom, has reprised that role a handful of times and will once again don the face paint that scared the priest and embarrassed Elaine on Tuesday night when the Devils host the Pittsburgh Penguins on ’90s night and give out bobbleheads bearing his likeness.

However, this time around it’s for a cause other than just, you know, supporting the team. Warburton asked the Devils to support a team – I mean a cause – close to him, St. Jude’s Research Hospital. Warburton refused an appearance fee, instead asking the Devils to donate to St. Jude’s instead. They happily obliged, donating $25,000.

No one could have ever guessed that one bit part from the 1990s could have turned into this, but he’s happy to use the opportunity to benefit St. Jude’s. His artist wife, Cathy Jennings, even created a custom jacket for the occasion that will be signed by Hall of Fame goaltender Martin Brodeur and auctioned off with the proceeds being donated to the network of children’s cancer research hospitals as well.

Last night was David Puddy Bobblehead Night, and I’ll definitely be searching for one of those on eBay. Unfortunately, the Devils lost last night – screw you, Penguins! – but at least St. Jude’s received a nice donation thanks to a very nice actor.