Borders For Thee, But Not For Me

Leftist jackass Nancy Pelosi has announced the Democrats will give $10 billion – billion with a “b” – in humanitarian, military, and economic aid to protect Ukraine’s border.

Ten billion dollars to shore up Ukraine’s border, and not one penny to secure ours.

The government funding bill signed by President Joe Biden in February expires Friday, March 11, giving Congress just four days to come to an agreement on another appropriations package. Lawmakers have only agreed to a series of short-term resolutions since Biden took office, wrangling on various government programs, including federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates and an expansion of the Internal Revenue Service’s authority over privately-held bank accounts.

“The United States remains ironclad in our commitment to the Ukrainian people and in unity with our allies,” Pelosi said in a statement. “American troops will not go to war in Ukraine — but our nation can provide military equipment and support our allies who are supplying airplanes to Ukraine.”

This lying beyotch also claimed they will put forth a bill to stop purchasing Russian oil, but we all know that’s never going to happen. At least not with Dementia Joe in the White House.

Nice Try, You Stupid Feckless Bints

The dullard congresscritters who infest “the squad” put forth a bill which would give felons the right to vote. Since an inordinate amount of African-Americans are jailed for felonies, this would truly bolster their voting bloc – or it it Block?

The House Tuesday rejected an amendment authored by the progressive Squad to restore voting rights not only to felons but to individuals who are currently incarcerated.

The measure went down in bipartisan defeat with just 97 Democrats voting in favor of the amendment compared with 328 members who voted against – 119 Democrats and 209 Republicans.

Freshman Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., authored the amendment with support from fellow progressive Reps. Mondaire Jones, D-N.Y., Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., and New Jersey’s Bonnie Watson Coleman.

Wow, 119 members of their own party effectively told them, LOLGF. Freshman twat Cori Bush (Dumbass – MO) had this to say after the vote:

Ahead of the vote, Bush pointed out that barring felons and people who are currently in prison from participating in federal elections disproportionately affects people of color.

Gee, maybe that’s because they commit a disproportionate amount of crimes?

So Long, Virginia; You Had A Nice Run

Virginia, home to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe, just passed a gun control bill through the House of Delegates. It severely limits the citizens’ Second Amendment rights, as well as their overall freedom.

The Virginia House of Delegates passed a package of gun control proposals Tuesday on a near party line vote.

The proposal passed the House 51-48, with all Republicans, and several Democrats voting against the bill. The legislation includes a ban on the sale of several firearms defined as “assault weapons,” including the popular AR-15.

Virginia residents who currently own these types of firearms will not be forced to participate in a mandatory buyback program as had initially been considered by state Democrats. However, the bill gives the state government the authority to confiscate certain types of ammunition that are considered “high capacity.”

Hey Northam, come and take them, you blackface wearing, KKK supporting piece of garbage.

To their credit, a number of surrounding counties declared themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities,” but the rest of the state must abide by this grievously unconstitutional law. Your move, Virginia residents. Will you live under tyranny, or will you pull up stakes and relocate to America?

Democrat Politicians Are Despicable

In the wake of the righteous killing of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani and Iran’s missile strike on a Ukrainian airliner, the Iranian people have headed to the streets in massive protests against the fascist regime. President Trump immediately proclaimed his support for the Iranian people, but apparently that was a bridge too far for the Democrats.

Democrats in the House of Representatives blocked a vote Tuesday to support the protesters in Iran who are demonstrating against the regime.

Consideration and a vote on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s resolution was blocked because Democrats advanced the previous question, by a vote of 226-191. The resolution would have condemned the Government of Iran for killing 1,500 Iranian citizens who were protesting their government, as well as condemned the Government of Iran for shooting down Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752, killing 176 people.

The previous, feckless administration had a golden opportunity to support the Iranian people during the Arab Spring, but King Putt sat back and did nothing. The people could truly topple this regime if they knew they had the support of freedom loving countries across the globe.

Look at the photo above. The Iranian government chalked U.S. and Israeli flags in the street to force the protesters to walk on them, signaling disrespect. Almost every one walked around the flags. That is an amazing development.

The problem in Iran has always been the mullahs; but I believe the average Iranian citizen respects the U.S. and Israel. I doubt anyone of Iranian descent reads this blog, but if so, the President of the United States and most Americans support you in your quest for freedom.

Two hundred-plus corrupt politicians do not speak for all of us.

Democrats Are Coming For Your Guns

Soy-based, effeminate former Texas representative Robert “Beto” O’Rourke doubled down on his promise to confiscate “weapons of war” yesterday, telling Chuck Todd he’ll grab them.

Beto O’Rourke appeared Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” with host Chuck Todd and continued to push for a so-called assault weapons buy-back program, insisting that the “instruments of terror” need to be taken off of the streets.

The former Democratic Texas congressman explained his reasoning for advocating for both an assault weapons ban and a buy-back program saying, “I could no longer accept that that would be enough because there’s still more than 10 million assault weapons, weapons of war out on the street. And if we agree that they’re dangerous to sell and we should stop selling them, then we also have to agree that these are instruments of terror that are still out there and have to be brought back home or they are going to be used against us.”

The fact this “man” was elected in Texas is very distressing to me. The bright side is Beto’s – the the rest of the Democratic Party’s – rhetoric is pushing moderate Democrats and classic liberals away from the ideology. The party has swung far too left for most people, and that may help the president’s reelection.

Criminal To Address Democrat Fundraiser

Disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe will speak at a Democratic fundraiser in Lancaster, Pennsylvania this month, dissolving the theory federal law enforcement officials are “straight shooters” with no political leanings.

CNN analyst Andrew McCabe will be the keynote speaker at a Democratic Party fundraiser in Pennsylvania in September.

News of McCabe’s invitation to headline the Lancaster County Democrats’ annual fall banquet comes as the Justice Department considers whether to indict the 21-year FBI veteran for lying to the bureau about authorizing leaks to the media in October 2016.

McCabe, who was hired by CNN as a law enforcement analyst in August, said he plans to discuss the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, Russian meddling in the 2016 elections, the Mueller report and his interactions with President Donald Trump during his 45-minute speech.

Believe it or not, I think this is a tremendous idea. Who better to represent the Democrat Party’s ideology than a criminal? A fired Deputy Director who may be indicted before Christmas is the perfect spokesperson for the Democrats.

Live By The Judge, Die By The Judge

Nancy Pelosi and her fellow leftists were dealt a severe blow yesterday after a U.S. District judge dismissed their attempt to block reallocated funding for the border wall.

U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden said the House of Representatives does not have standing to bring the challenge, calling it a political fight between two branches.

“While the Constitution bestows upon members of the House many powers, it does not grant them standing to hale the executive branch into court claiming a dilution of Congress’s legislative authority,” McFadden’s decision reads.

Though courts have allowed legislatures to bring cases alleging an institutional injury before, McFadden said those few instances involved episodes in which legislative power was effectively nullified. The judge said precedent, historical practice, and current conditions show Congress has many tools to block whatever steps the administration takes to reprogram money for the border wall.

The irony here is the Democrats have used judges to effect electoral change for decades. They cannot win at the ballot box on issues – obviously – so they force judges to succumb to their will. I don’t suspect this constitutional decision will turn the tide against Pelosi and her ilk, but it’s a good start.

Alien Nation

The last thing I want to do this weekend is post about politics – I am truly getting sick and tired of it all – this post was necessary. House Democrats have voted to allow illegal immigrants the right to vote.

House Democrats voted Friday to defend localities that allow illegal immigrants to vote in their elections, turning back a GOP attempt to discourage the practice.

The vote marks a stunning reversal from just six months ago, when the chamber — then under GOP control — voted to decry illegal immigrant voting.

“We are prepared to open up the political process and let all of the people come in,” Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat, told colleagues as he led opposition to the GOP measure.

The measure would have had no practical effect even if it had passed. Illegal immigrants — and indeed noncitizens as a whole — are not legally able to participate in federal elections.

So the Democrats are now the party of antisemitism, post-birth abortion, socialism, and granting illegal immigrants the right to vote. Well, if nothing else, they are at least dropping their masks.

I’d like to think this would benefit President Trump, but considering the thought process of the average American voter, I honestly don’t know what to expect in 2020.

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Democrats To God: Drop Dead

To all those conservative Americans who sat home last November, I would like to thank you for your disservice. Your inaction helped the Democrats regain control of Congress.

Come see the fruits of your labor.

A key committee in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives is moving to eliminate the God reference from the oath administered to witnesses testifying before the panel, as part of a new rules package expected to be approved this week, according to a draft obtained exclusively by Fox News.

Remember when the Democrats booed God – and Jerusalem – during their 2012 National Convention? Shortly afterward, leftist politicians argued the claim was fake news, because of course they love God. It’s nice to see the mask has come off.

The draft shows that the House Committee on Natural Resources would ask witnesses to recite only, “Do you solemnly swear or affirm, under penalty of law, that the testimony that you are about to give is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?”

The rules proposal places the words “so help you God” in red brackets, indicating they are slated to be cut. The words “under penalty of law” are in red text, indicating that Democrats propose to add that phrasing to the oath.

Ignore those last two paragraphs, because the leftists totes love the Lord. Or something.

The draft rules also remove the phrase “his or her” throughout the document, changing those two pronouns to “their.” The rules additionally modify all references to the committee’s “Chairman” to instead refer only to the committee’s “Chair.”

Wonderful. Maybe we can address the person by the specific pronoun Xhe is using at that particular moment. For instance, when I’m on the hill, I prefer to be called Ronan the Accuser.

Notice this garbage is getting a test run through the House Committee on Natural Resources; a group no one cares about or pays particular attention to. If the measure passes without an uproar, the Democrats will implement the policy throughout Washington, D.C., and throughout the land.

These people are in the process of murdering the United States of America, and most people are sitting by and allowing it to happen.

It. Is. Alive.

Elderly, mentally unwell Democrat hack Nancy Pelosi won the nomination for Speaker of the House yesterday, confirming what we already knew; the Democrats are the party of old white people.

House Democrats selected Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as the nominee for speaker of the House on Wednesday in a closed-door meeting with the caucus.

The nomination marks a win for Pelosi in the first major step in her bid to reclaim the leadership position when Democrats take back control of the House in January 2019. She needed only half of the Democratic Caucus to vote on her behalf in order to secure the nomination.

There were rumblings about rogue Democrats opposing Pelosi as Speaker, but like everything else in that party, they must have been shouted down.

Despite ultimately running unopposed, Pelosi faced a challenge from a small, but vocal fraction of Democratic congressmen and congressmen-elect who opposed her ascension to the leadership position.

Good for you, but you have no shot of converting your fellow leftists to your cause. As Homer Simpson once said, “You tried your best, and you failed miserably. The lesson is never try.”