Your Olympic Babe O’ The Day

Something is hot in the state of Denmark, and her name is Alexandra Bøje. Alexandra is a 21-year old badminton player, who, while very talented, is also incredibly beautiful.

Alexandra Bøje (born 6 December 1999) is a Danish badminton player. She won her first senior international title at the 2016 Czech International in the mixed doubles event partnered with Mathias Bay-Smidt after fight through the qualification round, with the eight matches played.

She was part of the national team that clinched the gold medals at the 2019 European Mixed Team and 2020 Women’s Team Championships. She is competing at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Alexandra received an extra photo in this post, because, cripes, she really is stunning. You can see more photos below the fold…

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Something Awesome In State Of Denmark

Forget Texas, Arizona, and Alabama; I may just move to Denmark.

It is one of the best places in the world to be a woman, with a narrow gender pay gap, equal employment rights, universal nursery care, and some of the happiest female retirees on the planet.

So it comes as a surprise to find, in a global survey of attitudes towards gender, equal rights and the #MeToo movement, that Denmark is one of the least feminist countries in the developed world.

The poll, conducted by the YouGov-Cambridge Globalism Project of more than 25,000 people in 23 major countries, found that just one in six Danes consider themselves a feminist, a third said that wolf whistling at women in the street was acceptable, and two in five had an unfavourable view of the #MeToo movement.

When you’ve lived in an SJW hellhole for fifty years, it’s difficult to imagine there is a magical place where women like men and they don’t spend their days constantly offended. Add in the fact Danish women appreciate catcalls, I may pack my bags this afternoon.

Danes And Confused

The worst president in American history will give a speech in Denmark later this month, but has threatened to cancel if the details are released to the unwashed masses.

Representatives for Barack Obama have threatened to cancel the former president’s upcoming paid speech at a Denmark university if details of his speaking contract are released to the public.

Obama will participate in a moderated question and answer session on Sept. 28 at the University of Southern Denmark before local business leaders, university students and local dignitaries, according to Business Kolding, the event’s organizer.

But the event has already sparked criticism from citizens of Denmark’s Kolding Municipality, which is providing 750,000 kroner, or $117,000, in taxpayer funds to support the behind-closed-doors event titled “A Conversation with President Barack Obama.”

Kolding currently faces a deficit of 100 million kroner in its next year’s budget.

Barack Obama ain’t got time for that. Just pay the man and fix your deficit on your own time, rubes!

To Flee, Or Not To Flee

The land of Hamlet, Mads Mikkelsen, and Legos now has something worse to worry about; specifically, armed troops patrolling their streets. Apparently, a free and open European Union comes with strings attached – or should we say “wires.”

Starting Friday, armed soldiers from the Danish Armed Forces (Forsvaret) will replace police officers at both Denmark’s southern border to Germany and at potential terror targets in Copenhagen.

According to the Danish National Police (Rigspolitiet) and Copenhagen Police, 160 soldiers will patrol the border and take over guard duties at Jewish institutions including the Great Synagogue in central Copenhagen.

The synagogue has been under constant police protection since a Danish-born terrorist of Palestinian descent shot and killed 37-year-old Dan Uzan, a volunteer security guard, outside the building in February 2015.

Eh, the way the EU countries are sliding, they’ll all be like this in a matter of months. I say enjoy it — it’s a hell of a toboggan ride!

Something Rotten In The State Of Denmark

Bacon Love

Denmark, another country subjected to the Muslim rape-fugee invasion, has decreed pork with remain a staple on municipal menus.

A Danish city has ordered pork to be mandatory on municipal menus, including for schools and daycare centers, with politicians insisting the move is necessary for preserving the country’s food traditions and is not an attack on Muslims.

Frank Noergaard, a member of the council in Randers that narrowly approved the decision earlier this week, says it was made to ensure that pork remains “a central part of Denmark’s food culture.”

Noergaard, a member of the anti-immigration, populist Danish People’s Party that proposed the council motion, said it wasn’t meant as a “harassment of Muslims,” but added he had received “several complaints about too many concessions” being made to Muslims in the small, predominantly Lutheran country. (H/T – Robert B.)

Good for Noergaard and good for the people of Denmark. If I entered a mosque, I would be expected to remove my shoes – and I would do so. These migrants are marching into European countries and demanding the culture be changed. It’s about time someone said no.