Free As A Chicken

Bowe Bergdahl, the despicable piece of garbage who deserted his post in Afghanistan because he disagreed with the war, received his sentence yesterday. You’re not going to like it.

Was five years in Taliban captivity enough punishment? The military judge in Bowe Bergdahl’s court-martial for desertion and misbehavior before the enemy has apparently reached that conclusion. Bergdahl will get a dishonorable discharge at a lower rank and forfeit his back pay, but will leave the military a free man otherwise:

Nance repeatedly ruled that he could give Bergdahl a fair hearing and sentence despite repeated comments from his commander in chief Donald Trump on the case. Nance may have felt the need to bend over backwards to demonstrate the independence of military justice, or he may simply have concluded that Bergdahl had served as a political football for long enough. It doesn’t make a lot of sense as a punishment, especially in the context of the need to maintain military discipline. Bergdahl’s Taliban captivity was entirely Bergdahl’s doing. All this does is make a dishonorable discharge the only consequence of desertion, which basically makes the action its own punishment.

Colonel Jeffery R. Nance, the judge presiding over the court-martial admitted President Trump’s harsh, but honest comments about the case almost guaranteed leniency. Apparently Nance meant it. In short, Nance went soft on Bergdahl to stick it to Trump.

Personally, I think this entire ordeal is a big black stain on the armed forces, and in my opinion, the U.S. Army takes a huge credibility hit.


American Traitor Pleads Guilty

Bowe Bergdahl, the despicable, traitorous coward who deserted his post, pleaded guilty yesterday to charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy.

Bergdahl, 31, is accused of endangering his comrades by abandoning his post without authorization. He told a general after his release from five years in enemy hands that he did it with the intention of reaching other commanders and drawing attention to what he saw as problems with his unit.

This indicates that they did not reach a deal to limit his punishment, and that he may be hoping for leniency from the judge, Army Col. Jeffery R. Nance. The misbehavior charge carries a maximum penalty of life in prison, while the desertion charge is punishable by up to five years. (H/TAOSHQ)

This piece of garbage, who claimed he was disillusioned with the war effort and ashamed to be an American, was lauded by the Obama administration after his release. Susan Rice claimed this pig “served with honor and distinction.” Barack Obama welcomed Bergdahl’s parents to the White House (above).

The search for Bergdahl reportedly cost the lives of six American servicemen, and the deal made to release this traitor resulted in the freeing of five Taliban terrorists. I sincerely hope the guilty plea was not part of some larger deal. Bowe Bergdahl should be placed before a firing squad, and it should be broadcast on national television.