True Detective Stories

I’d like to start by apologizing for this post, because it is yet another episode concerning Diego the Idiot Detective. I’m on night shift this week and next, and since Diego’s first day was yesterday, he immediately whined about his first of the evening.

You see, the jackass cops in our division made three arrests Tuesday night, and all three of the jobs were never brought to the division until Wednesday afternoon. In short, all three of these arrests needed to be processed Tuesday, but the lazy morons we work with didn’t bother to bring in any paperwork.

When my captain, who is a great guy, BTW, asked about the jobs, he looked at me like I was joking. “No boss, I’m not joking.”

So I had to assign all of these jobs because these offenders were in a cell downtown for twenty-four hours without any arrest paperwork. That’s a problem. I gave a job to little Joey, another to The Red Menace, and the last one to Diego. Guess who was the only one complaining?

I ignored Diego’s whining, gave him the job, and told him if he wanted to cry, go tell the captain. But that’s not the main reason for this post…

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