April’s Showers Bring May Glowers

Meet April Teale of Alabama.

Like yesterday’s slob, April really enjoys her alcohol, so much so she decided to get shitfaced drunk, caused a ruckus in the Waffle House – of course – then pressed her ass against the arresting officer’s groin.

This is the college graduate who police say was filmed twerking and grinding up against an arresting officer as as he puts her in cuffs.

April Teale, 24, from Alabama, was held on misdemeanor disorderly conduct and harassment charges on Saturday after footage taken in Tuscaloosa showed her asking the cop: ‘You like that, yeah?’

Don’t flatter yourself, honey; you’re not that hot.

Teale told Busted Coverage she had been drinking ‘jager and bootlegger’ before the incident and that she intends to write a letter of apology to the officer involved.

Sure she will. My prediction? She’ll hire a lawyer, claim the officer sexually assaulted her, and be invited on CNN to denounce the obviously sexist, misogynist police officer.