True Detective Stories

Today’s episode of TDS is a cornucopia of smaller stories that didn’t necessarily warrant its own post, but were worth mentioning anyway.

#1. Last week, officers responded to a report of fireworks/gunshots – no one knew for sure what it was – and when the officers arrived, the entire block came out to start trouble. The neighbors started harassing the cops, throwing insults and profanity at them, and a few people got in the officers’ faces. The officers were trying to deescalate the situation, then one thug POS punched a rookie in the eye, breaking his orbital bone.

All this was captured on body cameras.

The evidence was collected, the doer was identified, and we sent the job to the District Attorney’s Office. Hours later, the DA sent it back, claiming there was not enough evidence supplied to approve the arrest warrant. Infuriated, the supervisor sent every officer’s body camera footage to the D.A. and demanded they watch every piece of video taken during the incident.

The kid had his orbital bone broken, and this Soros-appointed DA refuses to charge the thug. But yeah, the cops are the problem…

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