Not Your Average Loaded Magazine

Meet Donald Gaither.

Donald is a true gentleman who values his home and truly cares about his neighbors; except when they get him thrown out of the trailer park. Then, it’s go time.

Police said Donald Gaither had an ongoing disagreement with his neighbor Troy Bagley. Gaither reportedly thought Bagley had gotten him kicked out of a mobile home park in Pontotoc County (Oklahoma).

Things came to a head when Gaither showed up to Bagley’s home and yelled “come out and get some.”

Gaither was reportedly holding two knives with two more secured at his waist. He also had a large weight attached to a lanyard and had created a man-made armor of sorts, comprised of adult magazines taped to his body.

I can only hope Gaither used the Sandra Bernhard Playboy issue, and not, say, the Katarina Witt issue.