True Detective Stories

Today begins my mystical journey at work. Yesterday, the drunken jackass mayor of Philadelphia implemented mandatory vaccinations for all city employees. If they refuse – or, resist – those employees will be forced to wear two masks at all time while working. Said employees will also be forced to take random Covid tests at the city’s whim.

I’m fully prepared for this ridiculous order, and I will gladly wear two masks, because 1. I have already had Covid, and 2. I have no desire to get a vaccine while I still have antibodies.

I am looking forward to the first time I have to answer the phone, or need to page someone in the office. With two masks on my face, I sincerely doubt anyone will understand me. Honestly, that’s fine by me.

Oh, in case you haven’t seen it, New York Magazine – yes New York Magazine!wrote an article claiming masks mostly don’t work, and especially so for children. The study was done by the CDC, but hey, let’s pretend masks work, even though I caught Covid from work while wearing a mask.