True Detective Stories

Tuesday evening was surprisingly less busy than usual. As a result, I had plenty of time to answer the phones and help my fellow citizens with all their needs and concerns. Take this one woman, who wanted help in finding information on her friend, who sadly, passed away from a drug overdose.

The woman stated she had information on the man who allegedly gave her friend the drugs, and was looking for help in continuing the investigation. I told the woman once the body is transferred to the medical examiner, they have all jurisdiction, and our role in the case is usually over. But, she seemed nice, so I asked the name of the decedent in order to find the detective assigned.

The woman spelled out the name and I entered the information into the computer. There were no results. I asked the woman to spell the name again, because I’m getting old and feeble, I may have made a mistake. I checked again, and no results…

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