Just Another Day In The Big City

Regular readers may remember the trouble we had with out millennial next door neighbors. They were, for the most part harmless, but every weekend they held raucous drunken parties in their backyard. Their jackass friends took all the parking spaces on the street, urinated on our lawn, and kept the kids up with their caterwauling. They lived next door for about six years, and the day they moved we wanted to throw a party.

The house went up for sale and a Russian guy purchased the house. But instead of moving in, this prick decided he would rent the property instead, and make some money. Two very shady Asian men moved into the residence, and soon after, the Asians decided to turn the house into an AirBnB. The Asians still lived there, but they rented a room to virtually every vagrant in the tri-state area.

Our neighborhood is very quiet, and filled with a lot of police officers and firefighters. It’s one of the last decent places in the city, and the neighbors make sure it stays that way. But recently, the Asians stopped the AirBnB – apparently they never got a license to rent – and added another roomie – an Hispanic male – who is even shadier than the Asians.

(Oh, and before you start throwing out cries of racism, I am mentioning their race as personal descriptors, nothing more.)

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