Fly The Blendy Skies

A 20-year old British chick was arrested after she drunkenly propositioned men on her airliner, caused a disturbance, and bit several members of the crew.

Demi Burton caused chaos as she flew back to the UK from Abu Dhabi after drinking too much red wine. The 20-year-old shouted “you may as well just land the plane now then” after being refused any more alcohol on the Etihad flight.

She did this while flying from Abu Dhabi? It’s a miracle she wasn’t thrown off the plane at 30,000 feet.

A court heard it then took six crew members and passengers to restrain her as she tried to head butt and kick them, and she was arrested when the plane landed in Manchester.

Prosecuting Miss Claire Brocklebank, said: “It appears she was drunk before getting on the flight and she started making a number of inappropriate sexual comments to a number of male passengers on the flight. Two in particular remember hearing comments and at first they laughed it off but it then became more and more increasingly inappropriate and she asked them to join the mile-high club.”

You can see a photo of this bint at the link. Sure, she’s annoying and uncultured, but she appears very bangable, in my professional opinion.