Eddie The Smeagol

Former goaltender and NHL Hall of Famer Ed Belfour was arrested after a drunken bout of vandalism inside a Bowling Green, Kentucky hotel.

Edward (Ed) Belfour, 54, of McKinney, Texas was arrested after an incident at the Kentucky Grand Hotel in Bowling Green.

Belfour is accused of damaging property at the hotel. When police arrived, Belfour was located laying on the floor and clutching a curtain rod that had been ripped out of the wall. Police said Belfour had slow, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and could barely stand up.

An employee at the hotel stated Belfour had attempted to fight a manager in the bar and was hitting a glass window downstairs in anger.

To be brutally honest, incidents like these are rare in hockey; at least compared to other professional sports. Belfour was an amazing goaltender, but apparently he can’t shutout the alcohol.