Dude Brought A Knife To A Gunfight

Meet Dylan Jones of Flori-Duh.

Dylan was looking for some action, and instead of checking out some Florida babes, he chose another path… by breaking into a man’s residence and threatening him with knives. Jones should have used the knifes to cut that hair. Hippie.

A shirtless 19-year-old man knocked on apartment doors with a knife in each hand Tuesday morning before making his way into an apartment and telling officers he is a “world famous wrestler.”

Officers found Dylan Jones inside a man’s apartment after responding to a call of a suspicious person in Addison Pointe Apartment Homes.

I mean, when I want to wrestle someone, the first place I head to is Addison Point Apartments.

According to the report, officers were speaking to a resident who described a shirtless man knocking at his door with “something in his hands” when a neighbor ran out of his apartment with two steak knives, threw the knives to the ground and shouted to them, “he’s in here!”

Police then entered the apartment and while they attempted to take Jones into custody, he said he was a “world famous wrestler” and knows “how to fight.”

You can plainly see Jones’ injuries after fighting a gaggle of cops inside the apartment. Oh wait, he doesn’t even have a scratch. Maybe he forgot all those wrestling moves he learned.