Get Outta The Water!

Just when you thought it was okay to go back in the water, a Twitter user claims there are one hundred Great White sharks massing off the east coast. Looks like I’ll be sending Kevin into the surf first.

A Twitter user recently raised the alarm by posting a screenshot of a tracker app showing about 100 sharks gathering in the Atlantic Ocean near the East Coast of the US.

A platform user with the handle @punished_stu tweeted early Wednesday “sharks are amassing on the east coast” with an accompanying screenshot of about 100 sharks along the US coast line. The tweet went viral, garnering more than 6,000 retweets and 53,000 likes.

A member of the tracking service claims this is nothing to worry about.

A spokesperson for the tracker told The Sun there’s no cause for concern.

“We are currently studying the Northwest Atlantic White Shark, the white sharks that live off the Eastern United States and Canada,” the rep explained. “This is why we have so many recently tagged sharks in this area. We have tagged 83 white sharks in the NW Atlantic.”

We’re planning to vacation in the Outer Banks again this year, and while I did see one shark the first year, we haven’t seen anything since. I always keep an eye on the kids when they’re in the water, but I’ll be extra vigilant this year.