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Top Five Entries:
5. Can’t tell if the chick on the left is more disturbed by his mask being off, the perm ‘fro, or the penciled “eyebrows”. – RudyTBone
4. Woman on the left: “May I comment something? Your mouthwash ain’t makin’ it.” – Barry D.
3. KAPLAH! – Veeshir
2. Dr. Fauci, you can’t be serious. Now I need THREE masks? – RedneckGeezer

WINNER! – COVID! I stronger than you! I keeeeellll you!Okrahead

Weekend Caption Contest

The Ready To Rumble Caption Contest
(Source: Reuters)

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Original Caption: Supporters of Ecuadorean banker Guillermo Lasso (not pictured) react after Lasso won the presidential runoff vote, in Guayaquil, Ecuador. REUTERS/Maria Fernanda Landin

Kiss Me Deadly

An Ecuadorian man was caught cheating after he was featured on a soccer match’s Kiss Cam.

An Ecuadorian man was allegedly caught red handed cheating on his partner with another woman, when the half-time kiss cam showed them kissing in the stands during a soccer match.

Last Saturday, Barcelona of Guayaquil, Ecuador’s very own Barcelona soccer club, made its traditional yearly presentation during a friendly match against rivals Delfin, one of last season’s revelations. It was a good game, but it was surprisingly overshadowed by something that occurred during the half-time break.

The kiss-cam showed a young couple making out in the stands, but things got weird when the man saw himself on one of the jumbo screens. He immediately removed his arm from around the young lady, his smile went away instantly, and the two just started looking in opposite directions, like they didn’t know each other.

Smooth move, bruh. I’m sure nobody noticed, except the thousands of people in the stands, and those who saw the video on social media.