She Was Just Powdering Her Nose

Meet Elizabeth Espinoza of Ruskin, Florida.

Elizabeth was just driving down Interstate 75, minding her own business, when the Florida Highway Patrol pulled her over for window tint which was too dark. Anyway, the officers asked Espinoza to step out of the car, and the cops found some candy inside.

Elizabeth Espinoza, 27, was driving southbound on Interstate 75 in a 2016 red Dodge Journey on Tuesday when Florida Highway Patrol troopers in Sumter County noticed her SUV having windows that were described as being ‘too dark’, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

When they pulled her over, Espinoza, of Ruskin, became ‘overtly nervous.’

For the record, I think pulling someone over for “window tint” is a b.s. charge. Philly cops do this all the time to try to search a vehicle without a warrant.

Investigators according to the news release found 12 kilos (26½ pounds) of cocaine — with a street value of about $1.2 million — tucked away in the dashboard and other ‘voids’ in the back of the vehicle.

Espinoza was taken to Sumter County Jail on charges including possession of cocaine and trafficking in cocaine.

Espinoza is smirking in her mugshot because she probably knows the cartel won’t murder her until she gets out of prison. And believe me, after losing $1.2 million in cocaine, Espinoza is already on a hit list.