Law In The Family

Ellen Granahan And Kathleen KaneMeet Ellen Granahan (left) and Kathleen Kane, twin sisters who serve as Pennsylvania’s deputy attorney general and attorney general, respectively.

Thanksgiving dinner will be contentious this year, now that Kane’s law license has been suspended and Granahan is suing her sister for wage discrimination.

Ellen Granahan, a chief deputy attorney general for Pennsylvania, has filed a wage and gender discrimination complaint against the Office of Attorney General. Her twin sister, Kathleen Kane, is the state’s current chief law enforcement officer.

Granahan has worked in the department since 2008, about five years before Kane was elected as Pennsylvania’s attorney general.

Four months after that election, Granahan was promoted to head the child predator division, which led to a 20 percent salary increase. However, Granahan says her $88,509 annual salary is 17 to 37 percent lower than the salaries paid to male and female agency lawyers with similar titles.

Only a Democrat can cry poverty with a straight face while making $88,509 a year in this crap economy. Girl power, baby!

Personally, instead of clogging the court system, I think the twins should settle the matter with a naked pillow fight… witnessed by a trusted member of law enforcement, of course.