Sunday Services


Today’s sermon focuses upon the glorious Emma Stone. Emma may not have my ideal body type – her chest could be a tad larger – but I believe she is one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood today.

Born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, Stone was drawn to acting as a child, and her first role was in a theater production of The Wind in the Willows in 2000. As a teenager, she relocated to Los Angeles with her mother, and after a series of small television roles, she won a Young Hollywood Award for her film debut in Superbad (2007), and received positive media attention for her role in Zombieland (2009).

Aside from her acting career, she promotes several causes, such as increasing awareness of breast cancer.

That’s a fantastic cause, since there is no bigger fan of boobies than me.


Yeah, I take it back. Come to think of it, Emma’s body is damned near perfect. There are more photos below the fold…

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