Caption Contest Winners

The Emmanuel Macron Is Fabulous Caption Contest is now over.

Top Five Entries:
5. “Did I do that?” (in his best Urkel voice) – Mike AKA Proof
4. So our bomber missed the target that was next to your 1000 year old church..what are you complaining about it wasn’t in great shape to start, now you can rebuild back better. – Gary Moore
3. Yes, I just wet myself! – Ronni
2. When I kiss ass, I like to get a firm grip on both butt cheeks like this… – Sully

WINNER! – Priest on right, “Could you ask Merkel to put her top on?” – Veeshir

Weekend Caption Contest

Emmanuel Macron Is Fabulous Caption Contest
(Source: Reuters)

Caption this photo in the comments section. The winners will be posted on Monday, September 6th.

Original Caption: French President Emmanuel Macron gestures as he visits Al-Sa’ah church in the Old City of Mosul, Iraq. REUTERS/Khalid al Mousily

Good News: The Frogs Like Us Again!

French President Emmanuel Macron revealed his admiration for Illegitimate President Joe Biden this week, claiming the dementia-addled “president” is “very willing to cooperate.” As if Pedophile Joe was in any condition to agree to anything.

President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron appear to be developing a budding bromance in the United Kingdom.

Marcon practically had his tongue down Biden’s throat, which is actually less disgusting than kissing Macron’s octogenarian wife.

Macron and Biden sat for a brief bilateral meeting in between Saturday’s G-7 summit sessions, during which the French president heaped praise on his American counterpart and took a thinly veiled shot at former President Donald Trump.

Funny, the French are more upset with OrangeManBad than they are with their daily terror attacks.

“Definitely,” Macron told reporters when asked if he thinks America is “back.”

Of course he thinks that; what with our skyrocketing gas prices, the rising inflation, the payoffs to Iran, and a “president” the EU can easily manipulate and control. What more could they possibly ask for?

“I think it’s great to have a U.S. president part of the club and very willing to cooperate,” he said. “And I think what you demonstrate is that leadership is partnership.”

The media claimed, incorrectly, that President Trump was Putin’s puppet, despite the fact he was arguably tougher on Russia than any president since Reagan. Now, the illegitimate president is literally the puppet of China, Ukraine, and the EU, and the media is completely silent.