Sean Connery Wept

Remember all those posts about Britons having sex in public? Yeah, those stories are about to dry up… just like English males’ members.

Single people and couples who do not live together will be banned again from having sex during England’s second national lockdown – unless they have formed a support bubble.

No American would abide by this ridiculous rule, but England? Yeah, they’ll likely submit.

Under the latest strict measures coming into effect from Thursday, people are not allowed to visit friends and family living in other households indoors or in a private garden.

This means overnight stays are strictly off the cards until December 2 when the lockdown period is due to end, unless transmission rates have not successfully dropped.

So the government is going to order young, virile men and women from taking a trip to Pound Town during a quarantine, when there is literally nothing else to do? I’d love to be present when the Bobbies try to enforce that ruling. Watch out for flying didoes and bra-launched missiles, lads.