Happy Birthday Erik!

Today is my middle son’s birthday, and day two of our three birthdays in six days event. Erik is seventeen today, which means he can finally watch R-rated movies. (As if he hasn’t already been seeing them.)

Erik is a stresser. He stresses about everything; school, sports, video games, you name it. That said, he also does exceedingly well in school – he earned First Honors for the semester – is a very good lacrosse player and was an amazing soccer player – and he dominates video games. I assume he gets the stress from me, since I stress about anything and everything.

The Chinese Wuhan Virus has taken its toll on him – he lost an entire lacrosse season in 2020, and lacrosse practices now are often virtual – but he’s making the best of it.

The boy is wicked smaht, is very active – he goes for ten-mile bike rides often – and is, for the most part, a terrific son. I sincerely hope he enjoys his gift, as it took me forever to find.

Happy birthday, Erik. We love you!