What’s Biting Gilbert’s Grape?

Meet Ethan Gilbert. Ethan is a student at Penn State University, an institution quickly becoming the Flori-Duh of colleges.

Ethan had a run in with the law last weekend, where he gave the officers an example of his biting wit.

PSU student Ethan Gilbert, 20, was accused of using someone else’s license to get into the popular bar just before midnight, and police officers were called to the scene.

The arriving cops pressed Gilbert, of Lansdowne, Pa., for his real identification and information — but he took off on foot, instead.

The foot chase ended with the police officer catching up to Gilbert, but the student still wasn’t done. He allegedly bit the officer trying to arrest him on the finger, along with allegedly pushing the cop.

Judging by his mug shot, Ethan appears to be either a gender studies scholar or a pharmacology major.