Europe Is The Absolute Worst

If speeding through the Autobahn was on your bucket list, you have one year left to do so. The European Commission is scheduled to implement speed curbing devices on all vehicles starting in 2022.

Back in 2019, the European Commission announced a plan that made gearhead minds explode. Starting in 2022, all new cars would come with devices that try to curb speeding.

The system is called Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) and the idea behind it is that through a GPS and street sign recognition, a car can try to limit a driver’s speed to the speed limit. The European Transport Safety Council notes that when a driver tries to exceed the speed limit, the vehicle can use various methods to slow them down. These range from vibration warnings to audible warnings. ISA can also reduce engine power past the speed limit or even make the accelerator pedal harder to push.

What the actual f**k? The roads in Europe were practically built for speeding, and now the government wants to make everyone drive the speed limit?

If you’re a politician, you need to be able to trust your electorate, and give them the freedom they crave. Sure, some people will drive entirely too fast, and there are mechanisms – like traffic tickets – to hinder those actions. Simultaneously shackling every European is ridiculous, especially in the case of a feel-good measure no one ever asked for.

European Vacation

Barack Obama Golfing Again

After seven-plus years, European leaders have finally realized the president of the United States is a narcissistic failure whose only concern is attacking his ideological enemies and watching ESPN.

Europe is facing a convergence of the worst crises since World War II, and the overwhelming consensus among officials and experts here is that the U.S. no longer has the will or the ability to play an influential role in solving them.

At the Munich Security Conference, the topics are the refugee crisis, the Syrian conflict, Russian aggression and the potential dissolution of the European Union’s structure. Top European leaders lamented 2015 saw all of Europe’s problems deepen, and predicted in 2016 they would get even worse.

Several European officials told me that there was little expectation that President Barack Obama, in his last year in office, would make any significant policy changes to address what European governments see an existential set of crises that can’t wait for a new administration in Washington.

For cripes’ sake, Europe, it’s his last year in office. Those golf rounds aren’t going to play themselves!

While I sincerely believe the U.S. has done more than its fair share in rescuing Europe, and most of the EU brought the rape-fugee crisis upon themselves, I also believe the United States must lead when others will not. Sitting back and doing nothing – or in this administration’s case, less than nothing – will cause more harm than good. See also: Woodrow Wilson in 1914 and FDR in 1939.

Either way, America won’t be the only country screwed by Barack Obama this year.