It’s A Babe Day

I’ll be honest, I have no post ideas, I’m still kinda stressed out, and I really don’t feel like posting anything of significance. That said, I’m doing my own personal Sunday Services today; just pics, no story.

Slovak actress Vica Kerekes is above, and Slovak skeet shooter Danka Bartekova is below.

I’m saving the semi-interesting posts for tomorrow since I took the day off for the biopsy results.

Ugh, Work Beckons

This is my last day of Christmas vacation. Tomorrow I go back to that awful, stress-filled, mouse-infested building for five day work tours.

The fifteen days off – nine work days plus my regular days off – has been fantastic. I hadn’t been paying attention to the days or the dates, and the only stress was wondering what was for dinner. Now I get to go back, only to be greeted with a bunch of newly promoted detectives – who are likely dopes – and spend my first few days fixing all the messes Diego the Idiot Detective caused.

So, have pity on me this day, because my next vacation will be along in late August.

Six more years; I can handle six more years. Probably.

Sunday Services

Mike, AKA Proof mentioned Vica Kerekes in a comment Friday, so I went through the blog to see some of her posts. Then checked again. Apparently, I posted about her on the old blog, but nothing since this one began (October 2015). Well, that error is rectified today.

Éva “Vica” Kerekes is a Slovak actress. She is active in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. “Vica” is a nickname widely used by Hungarians for Eva.

Vica Kerekes was born to an ethnic Hungarian mother and a father of Hungarian descent. After studying at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, she moved to Budapest in 2001 where she met her future husband, artist Csaba Vigh. She made her cinematic debut in 2004 with the Slovak film Konečná stanica. To the international audience, Kerekes is known for the 2011 film Men in Hope. She divorced in 2012 after having lived together for six years.

At last check, Vica is still single, but sadly, not desperate enough to date me. There are more photos below the fold…

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