Meet The New (Illegitimate) Boss

The illegitimate president signed three new executive orders yesterday eliminating President Trump’s immigration policies. Biden issued a record twenty-five in his first week, because apparently the legislative branch has been abolished. But remember, Trump was a dictator. Or something.

Biden addressed the press in the Oval Office prior to signing three new executive orders geared towards rolling back immigration policies from former President Donald Trump’s administration.

“I want to make it clear. There’s a lot of talk, with good reason, about the number of executive orders that I have signed. I’m not making new law. I’m eliminating bad policy,” Biden continued. “What I’m doing is taking on the issues that 99% of them, that the last President of the United States issued executive orders that I thought were very counterproductive to our security, counterproductive to who we are as a country, particularly in the area of immigration. This is about how America is safer, stronger, more prosperous when we have a fair, orderly, and humane legal immigration system.”

Take a moment to read the highlighted run-on “sentence” above and see if you understand what the hell this dementia-addled dope is saying.

With the addition of Tuesday’s three executive orders, Biden has signed a total of 28 executive orders, 10 Presidential memorandums, and 4 proclamations.

There is some good news, though. Biden’s new immigration policies will ensure his declining economy will continue to plummet for the next eight years.

Biden To Sign Executive Orders Wednesday

The Paste-Eater-in-Chief will have a busy Wednesday, implementing a dozen of executive orders shortly after he is sworn in. Most will be rejuvenated Obama-era policies, including the Iran Nuclear Deal.

(The story is from Fox News, so they get no link here.)

President-elect Biden is planning to sign several executive orders on day one of his presidency, his incoming chief of staff announced in a statement.

The president-elect will sign roughly a dozen executive orders that day, including reversing President Trump’s travel ban on 13 majority-Muslim countries, rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement and extending the pause on student loan payments, according to Ron Klain.

You do realize Wednesday starts the beginning of the end of America, right? Biden will reverse all Trump’s policies – specifically economics – and free and fair elections are a thing of the past…

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Kamala Harris: “I’m Coming For Your Guns”

Moonbat California senator Kamala Harris appeared with her fellow leftists on a CNN town hall last night, and during the indoctrination session, Harris was asked what she would do about the “gun problem.”

During her one hour town hall on CNN, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) was asked about what she would do to end school shootings.

“Supposed leaders in Washington, D.C. have failed to have the courage to recognize that, you know what, you want to go hunting, fine. But we need reasonable gun safety laws in this country, starting with universal background checks and a renewal of the Assault Weapon Ban,” Harris explained.

There are already a multitude of “reasonable gun safety laws” in this country, but that’s not what Kamala Harris wants. Harris wants draconian gun laws, where our betters in the government decide who may have a gun and who may not.

“But they have failed to have the courage to act, so Ben, here’s my response to you: upon being elected, I will give the United States Congress 100 days to get their act together and have the courage to pass gun safety laws. And if they fail to do it, then I will take executive action. And specifically what I’ll do is put in place a requirement that for anyone who sells more than five guns a year, they are required to do background checks when they sell those guns,” Harris said.

Well that’s interesting, because if I remember correctly, the Democrats controlled the House and Senate during King Putt’s administration. I know I’m fifty now, but I don’t remember the Democrats passing the stifling gun laws Harris is proposing. I wonder why that is?

By the way, this “universal background checks” nonsense is exactly that. Anyone who purchases a handgun must be subject to a background check. It’s been the law for, well, forever. Harris, as a former “prosecutor” knows this, but since she thinks voters are stupid, she feigns ignorance.

The only result of Harris’ measures will be a boom to street purchases, and (brace yourself) hood rats don’t do background checks.

Buh Bye, Barry!

president-elect-trump-laughingOur long national nightmare is almost over. Barack Hussein Obama, the worst president in my lifetime, becomes a private citizen in a few hours, and his replacement will hit the ground running.

Running all over Obama’s executive orders, specifically.

President-elect Donald Trump will sign as many as 200 executive orders targeting a wide range of Obama administration policies, according to Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Napolitano said, based on his conversations with the president-elect, Trump could sign hundreds of regulations on his third full day in office. The judge did not say what policies were being targeted by the incoming administration.

Trump has hinted he would work to repeal “job killing” energy regulations his first day in office. Trump also said he’d repeal Obama-era executive orders on immigration, and pledged to begin dismantling the Affordable Care Act.

The Trump transition team told reporters Wednesday Trump would issue just “four to five” executive orders on Friday after he’s sworn in.

Today is a very good day, and it’s only 9:30am.