“Hold My Pale Ale!”

Recently, President Trump received a lot of backlash after criticizing many of our NATO partners.

The president claimed some countries were not carrying their weight, which is odd, because all our allies are top-notch military outfits

On 12 October, we received information on the incident: a technician was working on an F-16 when he accidentally activated the six-barrels 20mm Vulcan M61A-1 cannon. The cannon was loaded and some bullets hit another F-16AM (FA-128). That aircraft had just been refuelled and was – together with another F-16 – being prepared for a (training) mission. Due to the bullets, the F-16AM exploded and damaged the other F-16.

Two technicians were injured after the blast, the Belgian Aviation Safety Directorate opened an investigation into the accident. The Belgian Air Force had 60 active F-16 aircraft remaining, including 48 on duty for NATO.

How do you “accidentally” activate a Vulcan cannon? Oh wait, the tech was dusting the joystick and held down the fire button long enough for the cannon to make its revolutions and strafe the airfield. Got it.