Creep-le Of Walmart

It would seem the “People of Walmart” meme knows no borders. Take this jackass from Canada, who stole nearly $700 worth of items before fleeing the store. She would have gotten away with it too, it it weren’t for that meddling gravity.

A woman in Ontario, Canada tried to make off with a shopping cart full of items from a retail store on April 26. But security footage of the incident, posted on Live Leak, recorded the woman make a mad dash with the $651 worth of goods from a Walmart store and fall to the ground after running only a few feet.

The cart rolls on without her and slams into a curb, where all the items spill onto the ground.

Bravo. Here’s my question: how the hell did she think she would be able to load $651 worth of items into her car before store security would reach her?