Illegitimate Vice-President Has No Class

This will likely not surprise you, but I figured I would post it anyway. Illegitimate Vice-President Kamala Harris has been making a habit of not saluting military members as she heads to Air Force Two.

I mean, at least she and Biden are on the same page when it comes to the people who are supposed to protect their worthless hides.

Vice President Kamala Harris has come under fire for not saluting the military guards that keep watch as she boards Air Force two. Both Vice President Mike Pence and then-Vice President Joe Biden did salute those military members prior to taking off in the vice presidential plane.

In the video, she simply walks past them as they offer her their salute.

Fox News reported that this is consistent behavior for Harris. They reported that “Video reviewed by Fox News showed that Harris did not salute the honor guard on Monday nor during earlier trips on March 15 and 16. She did not appear to salute when disembarking Air Force One with Biden on March 19 either.”

I’m sure the Illegitimate Vice-President couldn’t care less, nor do her leftist backers, but she could fake it once in a while for appearances.