I Do Not Live In A Serious City

When most Americans think about Philadelphia, they consider the city’s history, the sports teams, the sarcastic bloggers, and the rampant crime. No, we’re not New York or Chicago – they are serious cities with serious issues. No, we are a second rate town with second rate criminals.

Don’t believe me? Check out this major bust.

Customs and Border Protection officers say the fake Oral-B toothbrush heads are worth more than $12,000. They arrived in a package from Turkey on February 14.

Officials say counterfeit brush heads are manufactured in unsanitary facilities with substandard materials that may sicken users.

“Customs and Border Protection will continue to work with our trade and consumer safety partners to identify and seize counterfeit consumer goods that threaten American shoppers, such as these potentially dangerous tooth brush heads,” said Anne Maricich, CBP’s Acting Director of Field Operations, Baltimore.

Wow, I wonder if the arresting officers will receive the Medal of Freedom? Or maybe a nice plaque.