Wow, This Chick Has A Lot Of Stones

Meet Blair Rebecca Whitten of Fargo.

Blair recently lost her boyfriend after surgery complications, and all she wanted to do was attend the funeral. Unfortunately, Rebecca was posting some terrible things on social media after the boyfriend’s death, and she was asked to not attend the services.

Well, she showed them!

A woman who was charged with literally crashing her ex-boyfriend’s funeral is in more legal trouble. Blair Rebecca Whitten, 28, previously spray-painted a statue of Jesus, the Fargo City Prosecutor’s Office said Friday.

The face and neck tattoos are a nice touch.

She was charged in May for a raucous incident at the funeral of her ex-boyfriend Colin MacDonald, who reportedly passed away in his sleep after complications from a minor surgery. Whitten ran over gravesites and attempted to run people over, according to mourners cited by police.

Yep, Blair is a fine, upstanding, well-adjusted female who is not completely insane.

It turns out that according to prosecutors, Whitten is the person who spray-painted black the face of a statue of Jesus at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Fargo in the early morning of April 17. She is charged with one count of misdemeanor criminal mischief. The alleged motive behind the incident remains unclear.

For the record, Jesus was raised in the Middle East, so if she wanted the statue to look genuine, she would have painted His face brown.

That s aid, spray-painting a Jesus statue? You better believe that’s a paddlin’.

Run Like Hell

Meet Mike Kohler of Fargo, North Dakota. Mike is a nominally healthy guy, who accidentally got healthier last weekend.

Mike Kohler lined up with thousands of other runners inside the Fargodome here on Saturday, May 19, ready for his first half-marathon as part of the Sanford Fargo Marathon.

It would be a big step for the 26-year-old plumber and pipefitter from West Fargo, who ran the 10K last year and the 5K the year before that. But a misstep, right from the start, put him on an even more difficult course.

Nervous and tired from waking up earlier than usual, Kohler wasn’t paying full attention. He thought the full and half marathons started at the same time, at 7 a.m. In reality, the half-marathon started 15 minutes later. Wearing headphones, Kohler wasn’t listening closely to the starting announcements.

I guess it could be worse; Mike could’ve signed up for a vasectomy and received a sex change.