Irony, Thy Name Is Obama

Barack Obama, arguably the worst president in American history, allegedly called Donald Trump a “fascist” during a phone call with former Vice-Presidential candidate Tim Kaine.

Democratic Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, who ran as 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s running mate, said Obama called Trump a “fascist” during the call. The comments come from a clip in an upcoming documentary about Clinton.

“President Obama called me last night and said, ‘Tim, remember, this is no time to be a purist. You’ve got to keep a fascist out of the White House,’” Kaine reportedly said in October 2016, adding that Obama “knows me and he knows that I could tend to err.”

This from the man who killed an American citizen with a drone without due process. This from a man who gave billions of dollars to Iranian terrorists. This from the man who spied on journalists. This from a man who manipulated the FISA court in an attempt to overturn a duly elected president, but President Trump is the fascist?

Go f**k yourself, Barack.