True Detective Stories

Saturday mornings are usually quiet in the division. Most of the thugs aren’t awake until noon, and the good people are busy enjoying their days off.

Of course, all that changes when I’m working a Saturday morning.

I walked into the building, headed to my desk, and saw a pile of paperwork lying there. One of the overnight detectives came up to me and explained the mess. The short version was three jobs were waiting; a commercial robbery, a fatal fire, and a gun arrest.

I gave the gun arrest to one of the better detectives, because I knew it would be processed correctly. Sadly, the cop could not be processed correctly. His “story” went like this: The officer stopped a car for a traffic violation. There were four occupants of the vehicle, and for some reason, the officer decided to take everyone out and search the car. During the search, the officer found a loaded pistol in the rear of the car, recovered it, and – for some reason – arrested the three passengers, while letting the driver go on his merry way.

Now, I’m old school, so the fact an officer would arrest three people for possession of one firearm boggles my mind. Unless all three of them were holding the pistol at the same time, I don’t get the reasoning. I also don’t understand how you release the driver after arresting three of the passengers. I mean, the kid was new and stupid, but how does a street supervisor not intervene here?

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