The FBI Is A Garbage Organization

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the organization which had Whitey Bulger on its payroll, ignored Olympic gymnasts’ sexual abuse claims, and arguably had a hand in the January 6th “insurrection,” has now decided prospective agents can smoke marijuana twenty-three times and still be hired.

Activists were encouraged this summer when the FBI moved to loosen its employment restrictions for would-be agents who’ve previously used marijuana—but the agency more recently further revised the policy to add a stipulation that applicants are ineligible if they’ve used cannabis more than 24 times after turning 18.

Why 24 times specifically? The agency doesn’t explain.

I guess that explains why the FBI is so utterly and completely inept.

It simply said in an update to its job eligibility guidance that candidates who “have used marijuana or any of its various forms (e.g., cannabis, hashish (hash), hash oil, or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), synthetic or natural), in any location (domestic or foreign) regardless of the legality in that location of use, more than twenty-four (24) times after turning 18 years old is a disqualifier for FBI employment.”

FBI Undersecretary for Ganja Jeff Spicoli was unavailable for comment.

The FBI Must Be Disbanded

In a completely predictable move, our betters in the FBI have closed the investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop. The FBI is completely corrupt and chock full of Deep Staters. No, it’s not just the upper management; everyone – from Director Chris Wray to the lowliest agent – is irrevocably corrupt.

One America News Network host Jack Posobiec tweeted Sunday that a source from the Department of Justice told the network that the FBI dropped the investigation due to supposed concerns over the story from the repair shop owner. Concerns were raised over the chain of custody in the case.

The source indicated that the FBI dropped the investigation “because they did not believe the repair shop owner’s story would hold up in court, although Mac Isaac provided them with evidence,” according to Posobiec, who added that “They found zero evidence of foreign involvement.”

That. Is. Not. Your. Call. Your job is to uncover evidence, and at the very least, bring the case before a judge. This is exactly what James Comey did. “No reasonable prosecutor would bring a criminal case against Hillary Clinton…” It’s the same damned excuse, Every f**king time!

Former Fox News correspondent and journalist Adam Housley pointed out that both the Department of Justice and the Director of National Intelligence verified the legitimacy of the laptop, adding that the Russians had nothing to do with its contents or the dissemination of its contents.

Ultimately Attorney General Barr should have the final say, but honestly, this guy has been lackluster at best. I sincerely hope President Trump cans Barr and Wray if he’s reelected, because Wray is a Comey clone and Barr has been slow-walking the John Durham Russian Collusion probe for months now.

Do not talk to these people, do not cooperate with these people, and shun every member of the FBI is you pass them on the street. They are enemies of the American people.

It’s The Holiday Season Already?

So while I was sitting at my desk yesterday, I got a text from my friend Kevin at around 10am. The text had a link attached, which claimed yesterday (Friday, June 12) was “National Kill A Cop Day.” Do you have to get streamers for that, or just cakes and/or doughnuts?

On Thursday night, police officers from across the country started messaging our team at Law Enforcement Today warning that reports were circulating among law enforcement about a new threat to law enforcement.

According to the rumors, Friday, June 12 is “scheduled” to be “National Kill a Cop” day.

I mean, if it’s a national day, I should have been given the day off, right?

With that said, based on intelligence reports that law enforcement officials have received, a situation report from the FBI was issued to police departments in south Florida regarding officer safety. Apparently there is an “event” scheduled for Friday, June 12 being called “FUCK12” and ACAB, or “All Cops Are Bastards.”

The event has been deemed a possibility of extreme violence by the FBI.

The reason I post this is two-fold. First, I don’t remember ever hearing about “National kill A Cop Day” before now. Maybe it’s been a thing for a while and I just never paid attention, or no one ever paid it much mind.

Second, and most importantly, my good friend – who lives in Arizona – sent me the link four hours before the department decided to send the troops an email. So the overnight shift didn’t know about this, and the day shift didn’t know until they were about to go home!

It’s okay, though. I know my department and the city have my back… right?

The Horowitz, The Horowitz…

Inspector General Michael Horowitz appeared before the Senate yesterday to address his damning report concerning the FBI’s FISA applications. In short, Horowitz confirmed what we already knew: the FBI, as an organization, is thoroughly corrupt.

Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson opened his round of questioning by noting that Horowitz found that Bill Priestap, the former FBI assistant director of counterintelligence, did not exhibit political bias when opening the investigation into members of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Still, Johnson added that Horowitz “definitely” found other examples of political bias while conducting his investigation.

“We found through the text messages evidence of people’s political bias, correct,” the inspector general answered.

That was no more apparent than in the texts of FBI agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. If you think the FBI is a nonpartisan law enforcement organization, you are sadly mistaken. Those days are gone forever, much like the FBI’s credibility.

Gonna Make You Sweat

The FBI is looking for a woman they dubbed the “sweatpant bandit,” who has been committing bank robberies in Oklahoma City. Apparently the amazing economy hasn’t reached the flatlands yet.

“She enters the bank, and it’s a verbal demand,” said Andrea Anderson, Public Affairs Specialist for the FBI Oklahoma City. “Very aggressive. She’s left each bank with an undisclosed amount.”

So far, the ‘Sweatpant Bandit’ has robbed four Oklahoma City metro banks, hitting one of them twice. She’s committed one robbery a month from December to May but skipped March.

Apparently she was busy watching March Madness, since I doubt she’s a big Easter fan.

“One of the things that we would ask folks to be on the lookout is that she does show up in very heavy sweatpant attire, full length sweatpants from head to toe, a hoodie over her head, dark sunglasses,” Anderson said.

She’s described as a 5’3 to 5’6 white female, weighs about 110 lbs, is in her late 30s to mid 40s and sometimes carrying a floral print bag.

So the FBI just described every teenage girl in Philadelphia. Don’t believe me, try driving through Northeast Philadelphia, and count the number of teenagers – and twenty-somethings – walking the streets in their sweatpants and slippers. I am not kidding.

The Feebs Stand Alone

A summary of the Inspector General’s report claims a deputy assistant director of the FBI not only leaked classified information to the press, but also accepted gifts – read: bribes – from members of the media.

Please, remind me how the FBI is an honorable organization.

According to a summary of a DOJ inspector general’s report released Wednesday, the former official, who served as a deputy assistant director, accepted a $225 ticket from a reporter to a media-sponsored event. The official, who is not identified, also allegedly provided law enforcement sensitive information to reporters on “multiple” occasions without authorization of the bureau. The official “had dozens of official contacts with the media” in violation of FBI policy.

The inspector general also found the former official might have been in contempt of court by allegedly disclosing the existence of information that was under a court seal. The Justice Department declined prosecution of the official.

Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department inspector general (IG), said in the previous report that investigators found “dozens” of FBI employees had contacts with the press.

I believe it was William who usually suggests the FBI be disbanded and replaced with the U.S. Marshals. He’s not wrong. The FBI is corrupt to its core, and every day I start to believe it’s not just the administration, but a multitude of special agents.

The FBI: Our Best And Brightest

According to congressional testimony, two high-level FBI officials has no idea traitorous agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were having an affair.

Apparently neither official noticed the strong odor of bleach surrounding the two.

Two FBI officials who worked closely with Peter Strzok and Lisa Page had no idea about the pair’s extramarital affair, they testified to a congressional committee, even though they work for an investigative agency and considered themselves friends.

The two who did not pick up on any signs of an affair played key roles in the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server use, which did not result in any criminal charges after FBI head James Comey drafted an exoneration speech before the investigation had concluded.

So these two officials are both liars and morons? Good to know.

A former undercover federal agent, Wayne Black [said] the officials’ blindness to the affair says something about the Clinton probe, in which important leads were allegedly not followed.

But it also, he said, suggests Strzok used his FBI-provided training in the art of deception to become a cunning liar, a talent turned against his wife, his colleagues and investigators examining his role in the Trump-Russia investigation.

Let’s not give Strzok too much credit. The man was a liar and a crook since birth, and if there is any justice in this country, he will soon be spending his free time in prison. We are either a nation of laws or we’re not. The Department of Justice needs to decide where we go as a country.

Balls Of Steele

The FBI released a document detailing what disgraced former FBI chief James Comey told President Trump regarding the debunked Steele Dossier. Naturally, Comey lied his skinny ass off.

The document asserts Christopher Steele, the former British spy who compiled the dossier, was working “on behalf of private clients” in his investigation of Trump’s possible ties to Russia. His dossier contained “highly politically sensitive information.”

*whispers* Christopher Steele inserted provably false information into his dossier. Let’s see if the incompetent FBI can tell the difference.

Steele is described as collecting information “from a layered network of identified and unidentified subsources, some of which has been corroborated in the past.”

Those characterizations are likely to draw the attention of Republicans, many of whom have accused the FBI of relying too heavily on Steele’s unverified reporting in its investigation of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government.

“Relying too heavily” can also be read as “The FBI relied SOLELY upon unproven information because they were upset the world’s worst presidential candidate lost the 2016 election.”

Steele was ultimately working for the Clinton campaign and DNC, not a private client. And Steele’s use of some “unidentified” sources could raise questions about his collection methods.

In an actual constitutional republic, Robert Mueller would be fired – and possibly be facing arrest – Hillary Clinton, James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, and Christopher Steele would be looking at prison time. Sadly, America is no longer a constitutional republic, so Mueller will continue his lawlessness, and the Trump “investigation” will continue for another two – or maybe six – years.

The Legend Of The Horse-Faced Woman

Disgraced FBI agent Lisa Page turned on her equally unattractive paramour this week while testifying before Congress regarding the bullsh*t Trump-Russia investigation.

[Lisa] Page testified for two days behind closed doors about her influence on the FBI’s investigations into Russia and Hillary Clinton’s emails less than one week after Strzok.

Strozk denied that texts he exchanged with Page — particularly one promising they would “stop” Trump from becoming president — were indicative of bias that affected the investigations. However, Ratcliffe alleged Page contradicted Strzok in her testimony and even admitted that the texts “mean exactly what they say.”

“There are differences in their testimony on many cases,” [Republican Rep. John ] Ratcliffe said Monday.

A few media outlets are claiming Page is seeking immunity on further testimony. Normally I would tell her to go f**k herself, but if she rolls over on Strzok, Comey, and the rest of the FBI hacks, I’m all for it.

Strzoker Ace

Despicable, traitorous leftist Peter Strzok was escorted out of the FBI Building yesterday; a hopeful sign that his career has died, been burned, and scattered to the wind.

Peter Strzok, the FBI agent under fire over a series of anti-Trump text messages, was “escorted” from the FBI building, his lawyer confirmed to Fox News.

Strzok’s lawyer, Aitan Goelman, argued that even though his client has “played by the rules,” he has been targeted by “unfounded personal attacks, political games and inappropriate information leaks.”

“All of this seriously calls into question the impartiality of the disciplinary process, which now appears tainted by political influence,” a statement from Goelman said.

He said that Strzok “has complied with every FBI procedure, including being escorted from the building as part of the ongoing internal proceedings.” The attorney did not say exactly when Strzok was escorted out.

Strzok conspired to whitewash the Hillary Clinton email investigation, showed provable bias against Trump in the Mueller investigation, and gleefully bragged about stopping the president’s election, but he is the real victim here. Remember that.