The Five

This story was sent to my by my friend Jim, and while it’s an old story, it is too good to ignore. It also occurred in Flori-Duh, so that’s a bonus.

Police received a report of a fist fight at Five Guys Burgers and Fries early Wednesday afternoon in Stuart.

Stuart police arrested five people who had a fist fight at a Five Guys in Stuart on Wednesday, July 17.

“Five guys were involved in the fight, and those five guys found themselves under arrest,” the Stuart Police Department wrote on Facebook.

Three juveniles and two men were charged with affray and processed at the Martin County Jail. (H/T – Jim 911)

Why would you get into a fistfight at Five Guys when you’re surrounded by delicious burgers? Oh yeah, because it’s Florida.

My Kind Of Town, Chicago Is…

During Friday night’s NHL game between the Winnipeg Jets and the Chicago Blackhawks, the fights weren’t only on the ice.

A video went viral of Chicago Blackhawks mascot “Tommy Hawk” fighting with a fan at the United Center on Friday night.

According to Chicago police, the mascot – portrayed Friday night by a male – was punched and put in a headlock by the alleged attacker. In the video, Tommy Hawk bodyslams the fan before throwing a few punches.

Police were notified of the incident around 11:15 p.m. CT, the Sun-Times reported. According to box score information, Friday night’s overtime game against the Winnipeg Jets would have ended around 11 p.m.

The irony is since the Blackhawks are the second worst team in the league, their mascot arguably has more fight in him than the rest of the squad combined.

Cookie Puss


Two Florida brothers have been arrested after starting a brawl outside a Girl Scout cookie stand this week. I told you Thin Mints make people crazy!

Daniel Kennedy, his brother and their mother, Erin, told deputies they confronted the Girl Scout team at the cookie table over $20 they said Thomas Ketchum’s daughter owed them. Ketchum’s 47-year-old wife, Lisa, and another Palm Coast woman were present, and told the Kennedy family they could not pay them. That’s when the Kennedys demanded to be paid in cookies instead.

Hold out for the S-mores! Hold out for the S’mores!

When the Scout leaders refused, they told deputies the Kennedy brothers began snatching boxes of cookies, overturning the table and “destroying” the cookie stand.

Lisa Ketchum said Daniel Kennedy then began throwing punches. That’s when her husband emerged from the store and grabbed the brothers’ shopping cart to keep them from leaving before officers arrived. He said Daniel Kennedy pushed him away and began punching him. Thomas Ketchum suffered a sprained neck and shoulder and was taken to Florida Hospital Flagler to be treated.

I’m confused. Why weren’t any of the Girl Scouts carrying Swiss army knives? “Be Prepared” my ass.

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