Biden Did That!

The Biden administration’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate has trickled down to the nation’s medical centers with predictable results. Most hospitals jumped to fire and/or suspend those employees who refused to take the vaccine, a move they are probably regretting right about now.

One would think that the people who run our challenged hospital systems would try very hard not to make the situation worse, but one would be wrong.

In a rush to be one of the cool kids, some medical systems got out in front of the Biden vaccine mandate for healthcare workers, demanding their staff come into 100% compliance with vaccine mandates or lose their jobs. Others waited until the last minute to let the workers go, even though the Biden mandate had been blocked by then. But in significant numbers, the affected medical professionals — actual, trained, sciency nurses, doctors, and others — decided they’d rather lose their jobs than take the controversial, novel vaccine. And so, in their infinite wisdom, the hospital administrators showed these employees the door, with utterly predicable results.

Yeah, those healthcare workers these morons fired? They’re greatly needed now.

ABC News reports: In central Massachusetts, the UMass Memorial Health System is, once again, completely overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients.

“We, right now, have more patients in the hospital, overall, than we have had at either of the two peaks previously. You come in one day and you say this is the worst we’ve ever seen it and you come back the next day and it’s even worse. This is very concerning, what’s going on right now,” UMass Memorial Health Care President and CEO Dr. Eric Dickson told during an interview Wednesday.

To be frank and honest with you, I have ZERO sympathy for these hospitals. They wanted to get in the good graces of the left, and it came back to bite them on the ass. I do have sympathy for those suffering from the Chinese Wuhan Virus, especially those who will not be treated quickly because of the idiotic actions of these hospitals.