All Your Earth Are Belong To Us

Scientists are weighing how Earthlings would react to first contact with an alien life form. And yes, I am certain our tax dollars paid for this nonsense.

Participants in both groups described their reactions positively, though the “positivity bias” — the proportion of pleasant to unpleasant words — was stronger regarding the fossils.

Given these results, Yale University psychologist Gordon Pennycook said he would be “pretty confident” that, if NASA announced the discovery of alien microbes tomorrow, Americans would react positively.

Planetary scientist Lindy Elkins-Tanton, who is the director of Arizona State University’s initiative but was not directly involved with this study, said that “getting ready for what we might find” in space is the first step. That Americans respond positively, she said, is “quite hopeful.”

Most Americans would react positively to the news because we have been surrounded by aliens for years. Lady Gaga, Maxine Waters, the entire state of Florida…