First Mosaic Dedicated To Jesus Found

An Israel Antiquities Authority conservationist works on the ‘Jesus’ mosaic excavated at a prison in Megiddo in northern Israel, part of a structure from the third or fourth century that may be one of the earliest Christian churches. (Yoli Schwartz/IAA)

Israelis believe they have located the first ever church in the world, and it was located under a prison. Megiddo prison was apparently built upon the church, but it will now be relocated to archeologists can examine the church and its mosaic dedicated to Jesus Christ.

A third-century church that experts believe is the first in the world will be open to the public starting this summer after the prison on top of the site is relocated.

About a 20-minute drive south from Nazareth, Megiddo prison is located on top of the church and the first known mosaic dedicated to Jesus.

The revelation of the church and the mosaic is almost a one in a million find.

A Greek inscription “to the God Jesus Christ” was found in 2004 during archaeological excavations before a proposed prison expansion, The Times of Israel reported.

“Would you believe that the first church in the world is inside a prison?!” the Israeli Prison Service posted on Facebook, as translated, in an announcement about the prison’s move.

You really cannot underestimate how much we can learn from the church and its mosaics inside.

The Megiddo Regional Council and the Israeli Prison Service met with the Israeli Antiquities Authority last month and decided to relocate the prison. The current prison will be moved so archaeologists can excavate the site further, and the church and its mosaic will be made into a tourist destination.

The mosaic is the first known time that Jesus was named as a god in Israel.

It’s great they announced this during the Passover/Easter season. The Lord moves in mysterious ways.