The Princess And The Penance

One of the reasons why I took the day off yesterday was I had no posts written and we were very busy; particularly with Princess P.

Julia’s class received the sacrament of Penance Wednesday evening in preparation for First Communion this spring. Princess P was very excited for the event, and claimed she had “three sins to confess,” but we weren’t allowed to know what they were.

The mass went smoothly, save for the two ignorant white trash fathers behind us who couldn’t stop talking and/or playing on their phones. I’m no Ned Flanders by any stretch, but you’re sitting in church, not at the local dive bar! Clowns.

Princess P’s class is not very large, and her row was up quickly. While standing in line waiting for the priest to call her over, she kept rocking back and forth. I’m not sure whether she was excited or nervous, but she was making a mess of her hair!

The sacrament went well, Julia said her priest was very nice, and since we promised her a snack afterward, we stopped for donuts. Pink icing, off course.

Only the Penitent Man Shall Pass

kevins-first-penanceMy youngest son Kevin received his second sacrament last night. Specifically, his first Penance.

The boy has been practicing hard and memorizing his prayers; so much so, he could recite everything after a day or two. The only issue we were worried about was whether or not he would freak out during the actual service.

Kevin sat well in his pew, kept his hands folded, but at one point we looked over and noticed he wasn’t wearing his glasses. A year ago, he snapped them in two while having a bout of stress, so we were expecting the worst. Kevin performed admirably, his sacrament went off without a hitch, and when we went to get him, we were relieved to find his glasses were in his pocket.

“They were smudgey.”

The other little urchins were left home, so we stopped at the convenience store afterward to get Kevin a snack. He chose donuts; the preferred snack of children with a clean soul.