Old School


For those of you who send your kids to pagan public indoctrination camp school, we are smack in the middle of Catholic Schools Week. The schools are promoting events and special days all week, which began with Sunday’s open house at my kids’ elementary school. Among other events was a mini-concert performed by the school band and my son, lead drummer Erik.

Yesterday the school held First Responder Appreciation Day to thank the men and women of the Philadelphia Police and Fire Departments. Relatives of the students were invited to the prayer service/celebration, and since it was my day off, I participated.

The students recited the Pledge of Allegiance, sang God Bless America, and thanked us for our service. The pastor had us all stand up, introduce ourselves to the few hundred kids, and tell everyone about ourselves. Audience participation… for an antisocial person who routinely suffers panic attacks. Hooray.

“Good morning, I am Detective Earp, and have been with the police department for almost twenty-three years. I’m the father of Erik, Kevin, and Julia.” I immediately handed the microphone back to the pastor and hyperventilated into a paper bag.

After the event, we were taken to the cafeteria for snacks where Kevin and Julia inhaled cinnamon buns and cookies. (Erik, sadly, was home sick with the same virus I had been battling.)

As I was leaving, a student handed me a few thank you cards the students created. As luck would have it, it was written by Kevin…


If you click the photo, the truck on the right reads, “Not A Bad Guy Truck.”