A River Runs Through Her

Meet Elsa Pataky. Elsa is an actress who happens to be married Chris “Thor” Hemsworth. The couple live in Australia, where men and men and women are usually hardcore. Usually.

A few days of rain in Byron Bay, Australia left Elsa Pataky rather stuck — literally.

Pataky, married to fellow actor Chris Hemsworth, documented her experience getting caught in a flood while driving Monday. The actress, 44, was trapped in her car and ended up having to escape through her window, she explained on her Instagram Story.

So this dumbass drove through the streets after two days of torrential rain? Someone revoke this chick’s Outback card.

As she showed the water rising around her, the Fast and Furious star remained optimistic. She teased herself in the next slide, writing “great job, Elsa.”

Then, Pataky showed her triumphant escape, climbing out of the window and wading through the water towards two of her children, who were standing on an area of the road that was not yet flooded.

Elsa apparently was more concerned with losing her vehicle than her two young children waiting for the floodwaters to wash them all the way to Perth.

But sure, Elsa; you’re the greatest Australian hero since Jacko.