Frank The Skank Spanks Point Blank

Meet former New Orleans mayoral candidate Frank Scurlock. Frank believes in polling the electorate, and using polls, and occasionally playing with his pole.

Former mayoral candidate Frank Scurlock pleaded no contest Monday (April 23) in a Santa Monica, Calif,. court after he was arrested last year on charges that he was masturbating in the backseat during an Uber ride.

Scurlock was arrested in February 2017 after an Uber driver picked him up from a West Hollywood hotel. As the vehicle was passing through Santa Monica, the driver heard Scurlock making noises in the backseat and pulled over and opened the passenger door. She saw Scurlock with his penis exposed and masturbating, according to a Santa Monica official, and ran to a gas station and called police.

The implication here is Frank started flogging the dolphin while thinking of the Uber driver. If she was driving the vehicle, he could only primarily see the back of her hear. Of course, that may be Frank’s particular fetish…