Lawyers, Guns, And Honking

Meet Rance James Shannon of – where else – Florida.

Rance is a busy man with a busy schedule, so when he came across an auto accident, he politely, yet repeatedly, honked his horn at police officers. Probably not the smartest move.

According to Gainesville Police they were working a crash in midtown when Rance Shannon continuously honked his horn at four stopped patrol cars and fire rescue.

Police approached Shannon and could smell marijuana coming from his car. After searching it they found a handgun, a loaded magazine, ten-thousand dollars in cash.

They also found other weapons and drugs inside, including five mason jars of marijuana, nearly a hundred grams of cocaine, four handguns, and a baseball bat.

Ironically, it was the baseball bat which did Rance in. Yeah, Florida is cool with guns, weed, and a shitload of cash, but they draw the line at athletic equipment!

(Note: Yesterday was my father in-law’s viewing, and today is the funeral, so I’ll most likely be scarce. There are posts set up for the rest of the day.)