Unaware In Delaware

Move over, California; there’s a new idiot in the union, and it’s name is Delaware.

State Rep. Gerald Brady, D-Wilmington, introduced a bill that seeks to make the 93-year-old state anthem more inclusive by replacing two male pronouns with what he describes as “gender-neutral language.”

“Social mores have changed and these simple modifications are a response to that,” Brady said. “We are constantly adapting, amending and modifying things to contemporary circumstances as society changes. That’s the beauty of democracy.”

Other legislators are less than thrilled with the proposed changes, which some see as an overreach of political correctness.

“Is this a joke,” asked state Sen. Colin Bonini, R-Dover. “Are we going to change the words of rock’n’roll and blues songs that refer to women next?”

This is the most ridiculous piece of legislation I have ever heard. I guess when you’re an insignificant representative in the most insignificant state in the union, you do what you can to get noticed.