Feel-Good Friday

Meet Timothy Harrison (left) and his Waffle House manager Cedric Hampton. Timothy was all set to attend his high school graduation when he was presented with a few snags. Thankfully, Timothy has a great manager and coworkers.

Timothy Harrison of Center Point, Alabama planned to attend his high school graduation. He’d even cleared it with his boss to take time off. But when the day of the ceremony dawned, Harrison found himself stranded.

The event was being held an hour away from home. With his family members working and no one able to drive him there, much to the surprise of his manager, Cedric Hampton, Harrison showed up for his regular 7 a.m. shift at the local Waffle House.

Once Hampton heard the details of Harrison’s dilemma—not only didn’t he have a way to get to the graduation, but he’d missed out on picking up his ticket, cap, and gown—the quick-thinking manager immediately marshaled his Waffle House troops for action.

After being ferried to school to retrieve his cap and gown, back at the Waffle House, the elated senior was outfitted in a brand-new ensemble picked up and paid for by his coworkers (with a little help from some generous restaurant patrons).

“When I sat down in that auditorium it was the best moment of my life,” Harrison told WBRC News. “This is a memory I will cherish forever… I’m going to tell my kids about this.”

Southern hospitality is not dead, my friends, and Cedric Hampton is a genuine hero.

Congratulations, Erik!

Erik, the kid who basically grow up on my blogs, celebrated his eighth grade graduation last night.

Erik is arguably our most gifted child. The boy excels in both his studies – he usually earns at least second honors at the end of every quarter – and in sports – Erik has done well in soccer, track and field, and lacrosse. He will be following in Kyle’s footsteps and attending Father Judge High School, where he will be following Kyle again on the lacrosse team.

The mass and subsequent ceremony were lovely. Erik and the five other eighth graders from the band – three female violinists, Eric (clarinet), Jomal (trombone) and my Erik on drums – played during Communion. While he didn’t win a scholarship, he did receive the Charles Canuso Award, “awarded for great effort in all subjects.”

The award also came with a $25 check. Score!

It’s a bittersweet time for Erik, because some of his friends are attending other schools, and Father Judge is an all-boys institution, so he won’t see his female friends much anymore. Thankfully, he is friends with most of his classmates on Instagram, so they will keep in touch…

Erik’s eight grade dance was held Tuesday night on the Spirit of Philadelphia; a small ship which cruises the Delaware River. His crew, Aaron, Eric, James, Erik, and Jomal (below), was dressed for bear.

While I was worried Erik would be a wallflower, apparently he mingled with boys and girls, and even took a picture with one of his favorite classmates, a very nice, crazy cute girl named Regan. Erik and his crew spent the night eating, laughing, and dancing.

And speaking of, Erik was challenged to a dance-off by a kid from another school. For some reason, the kid has a $100 bill and stated he would put it up when he lost. Erik obviously doesn’t carry $100 bills around – neither does his parents – but he danced anyway. Both the boys and girls judged Erik the winner, but the kid left without ponying up the $100 bill.

Oh well, at least he impressed the ladies.