So Senseless

A search has been initiated to find the body of a man who jumped off the Grand Canyon Skywalk this weekend. The man allegedly climbed over the barrier and leaped to his death for reasons unknown.

Authorities are trying to locate the body of a man who climbed over a safety barrier at the Grand Canyon Skywalk and apparently jumped to his death.

They say the 28-year-old visitor to the tourist spot on the Hualapai reservation outside Grand Canyon National Park jumped around 4:30 p.m. Saturday.

Skywalk opened in 2007. It’s a horseshoe-shaped glass walkway that juts about 70 feet over the canyon overlooking the Colorado River. Signs warn tourists not to venture too close to the edge as a vertical drop from the Skywalk is between 500 feet and 800 feet.

I don’t understand this. I mean, dealing with depression, I get how people have these thoughts, but often times these victims are inconveniencing those left behind. Forget the man’s family for a minute, but consider the rangers and search crews who have to trek into the Canyon, find the body and transport it back to the access roads. It’s just so selfish.