Is This A Bust?

Rebekah Sutcliffe And Sarah JacksonAn Assistant Chief Constable for the Greater Manchester (England) Police Department has been suspended after instigating a drunken argument about whose set of coconuts were lovlier; hers or those of a fellow officer.

Assistant Chief Constable Rebekah Sutcliffe is said to have had a late-night argument with Superintendent Sarah Jackson about whose breasts were the most attractive.

ACC Sutcliffe has now been suspended from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) for “inappropriate behaviour.” Her fellow officer is not facing any sanctions.

The bust-up reportedly took place at a hotel bar during the Senior Women In Policing conference, a glitzy event attended by female chiefs from across the country.

Details of the row also made it to Twitter where one anonymous user tweeted: “ACC Rebekah Sutcliffe suspended because of bust-up (or rather bust out!) with Supt Sarah Jackson at #SWIP16 social event.” The user went on to claim the pair had argued over “who’s got the best boobs.”

After literally scouring teh innerwebz, I could not find one photo of either Sutcliffe’s (above left) or Jackson’s (right) cans – either covered or unleashed – so this argument will likely continue unabated.

This is a far cry from my department, where most arguments revolve around the cost of butthole bleaching – it’s more expensive than you think – and whether or not the division’s man-whore has syphilis, gonorrhea, or full-blown AIDS – it’s usually gonorrhea.