The County Seat

Meet “Grimy.”

Grimy is a nasty, non-binary humanoid who makes its money as a sex worker. In it spare time, Grimy licks toilet seats for a fun and profit. Seriously.

An American sex worker has stunned the internet by filming themselves licking an aeroplane toilet. Twitter user ‘grimiestt’, who calls themselves Grimy, uploaded the shocking video on March 18, after flying to Barcelona, in Spain.

They captioned the footage: ‘I’ve licked a lotta toilets in my day but this was the first that made my tongue go numb’, followed by a series of emojis.

In the video, shot with a Snapchat filter, Grimy can be seen running their tongue along the toilet seat while maintaining eye contact with the camera. They later confirmed that they had cleaned it first before making the quick film.

Well, I mean, if they cleaned it first… Jackasses.